::What's up with our Water?::

What’s happening to our water? I mean, this is some thing real that we all need to look at closely. We have had our water sources tapped, tempered & tampered with long enough. For years tap water sources available have been tampered with pineal calcifying aluminum floride that is a Waste PRODUCT from industry. Other tap waters have been chlorinated and yet others have been infused with natural gas as results from fracking. Why has this all been OK with us as a society?? And perhaps the better question is what can each of us do to protect ourselves from ignorantly consuming & condoning contaminated water as a normal part of our lives?

We here at the Bliss Co-Lab believe very much in intention, so the easiest to do is bless all the water in our food & drink. Here is the Incantation I use:

“I take this, the water of life
I declare it the water of light
as I bring it into my body
it allows the body to glow

I take this the water of light
I declare it the water of GOD

I AM a Master in all that I AM ”

My heart glows when I choose to remember to do this to all my food, energetically transmuting it and my self. Oh my! The powers of the mind are beyond my knowings. Or just SING to the WATER!!!!!!

But WAIT! THERE”S MORE!!!! SOme of you reading this might be squirming and smirking about this Airie Fairie Majik. (That Totally WORKS!) AND it is TRUE. One must be a very practiced master for this to be enough, this is however a very important beginning… so OK let’s move on to some more Earthly ways that will require a bit more tools gathered.

Some things you can do to purify your water are as follows:
Boil your water. Let it settle AND THEN
Filter the clear portion with:
A Britta.
Zero Water Filtration System for 0 ppm (parts per million) clean water.
LifeSaver Water Filtration Bottle
even better one that filters out everything! use a Reverse Osmosis filter or a distiller

Find out what’s in your water by going to http://water.epa.gov/drink/local/ (do your research people)
After all, knowing is half the battle… or IS IT?

Here in Cali & Oregon we’ve been experiencing this here thing we call a DROUGHT. As we see whole bodies of water dry up in the span of one year. As we see the wild fires consume our once forrest. As our old fashioned food plots become devastated food deserts. We’ve gotta ask. Yo! What’s up with that water??

This Spring, Juicy Bliss was blessed to attend an event called Lightning in a Bottle, serving it up to the Tea Temple crew and loving it up together. The event took place at the beautiful Lake San Antonio Recreation Area. The lake dried up last year which is why the Do Lab (the company who throws LIB) was able to secure such a breathtaking location. AND so lucky for the local community, which relied so heavily on the boating season the years past. So wonderful and beautiful… AND what an eye opener!?!?! A whole lake dried up in a year’s span? One small example…
So REALLY y’all… where’s the water at?
OK so what are the solutions???

I have some thoughts on the subject, AND I’d like to hear from you, our daring readers.

(For those of you who are a bit more into hard details hold on to your britches there is more of that coming soon I just wanted to get this article out there to start a conversation of sorts. If you have something you would like to say or add to what I have just put out there. Send us an email at tnntzn@gmail.com. I know I haven’t set up the juicy bliss mail thang. What Can I Say?)

For now, I leave you with this prayer song:
Love the Water!
Love the Water!
Love the Waaaaater!
Choose Love!
Choose Love!
Choooooooose LOVE!

Sing for the ones without Voices!!!!!!!!

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